At Blue Oak Landscaping, we guarantee service above all else.

Blue Oak Landscaping is a local company that specializes in custom landscaping and maintenance at a reasonable price. We have built our reputation with outstanding customer service and unique landscaping that fits our clients lifestyles and budget.

Blue Oak Landscaping has a very knowledgeable staff with many years of combined experience. We take pride in every job, run a very clean job site and offer a comprehensive guarantee with all jobs we perform.

Blue Oak Landscaping uses cutting edge techniques and contemporary methods to perform jobs with a higher level of quality, while taking less time.

We utilize the newest equipment to get jobs done with less impact on the surrounding areas. We only use the highest quality materials, and won’t cut corners to save a few bucks.

Our comprehensive guarantee on workmanship and plant installs speaks for itself. Keeping our clients happy and informed is very important and explains why we have kept very busy from referrals.

If you have any questions about Blue Oak Landscaping, please feel free to call, e-mail or write. We look forward to meeting with you and talking about your project.

Step 1 Consultation

At Blue Oak Landscaping we take consultation very seriously. This is our opportunity to find out what your dreams and or vision is, and whether it as attainable literally and financially. When we consult for the first time we will be surveying your site, asking questions about access, expressing how realistic your vision is compared to your budget and informing you what other options may be available.

The first consultation is always free and we make sure to tell you the truth about your project. Information about your project is for you to use however you choose.

If you decide to use Blue Oak after the first consultation, we will move to step 2.

If not, you can have Blue Oak continue to consult with you about your project at an hourly rate.

Step 2 Planning & Design

This is where it starts getting fun! We will sit down and go over the must have list in your project, gather all relevant information pertaining to the site, start contacting the necessary 3rd party entities about work being done on your site and put together a cohesive design for your review.

Whether it is some lawn and trees, or a swimming pool with Bocce court and patio covers, no project is too small or large for Blue Oak. We specialize in custom residential installs, but also take on small meaningful jobs that help fill space between large projects.

Once the planning and design is done we will move on to step 3.

Step 3 Contract & Scheduling

We normally will produce an itemized contract that clearly lays out each element of the design so a homeowner is able to decipher what each part costs. This is a great way to trim certain areas if necessary to allocate more budget to a more important element. All of our contracts include a written guarantee.

Once the contract has been approved we move on to scheduling your project. Many time there are other party’s involved in the same job so we do our best to organize the project to flow smoothly and conveniently for the homeowner.

The homeowner always comes first with scheduling conflicts as we are working for you!

Once the contract and schedule are set we move to step 4.

Step 4 Design & Build

It may come as a surprise to most people, but almost every job we do involves demolition of existing landscape and or job site. This is primarily done to expose all areas that will be landscaped. We almost always will be installing infrastructure underground, and will need to expose these areas during the demolition process. All the debris and un-useable material will be removed from the job site allowing us to start the actual landscape install.

Install starts with all of the underground infrastructure such as drainage, irrigation lines, electric irrigation valve control wire, low voltage lines, electrical conduit, gas lines for a BBQ and fire features, concrete footings for walls and patio covers and so much more.

Once all the infrastructure has been completed we start on all the visible landscaping. First we set grade, then it’s on to all the hards-caping and above ground elements. Once this stuff is done we install the lawns, plants and trees, and finally the finish material like bark or decorative rock.

Now that we are done with the install, it’s time to move to step 5.

Step 5 Maintenance

Many homeowners take a lot of pride taking care of their own landscape. Blue Oak will help facilitate keeping your landscape looking as good as possible however we can.

If you don’t want to maintain your landscape, Blue Oak offers a comprehensive maintenance program that will cover every part of your landscape. We like to think of it as an insurance policy for your landscaping. Since we will be maintaining our install, we keep a very close eye on everything, making sure it looks the best it can.