10 Ways for Creating a Drought Resistant Backyard Landscape

When you’re dealing with a drought, you have to think about water usage. How do you create attractive landscaping that doesn’t require a lot of water in order to thrive? The information below may help.


Reduce the Amount of Grass

If your backyard has grass, consider cutting back on the amount. Healthy grass requires a great deal of moisture, and this causes problems when you’re dealing with a drought.

Pull out The Weeds

It’s easy to mistake a weed for a “real” plant, and you don’t want to waste water on something that doesn’t belong. Before you do anything else, go through the yard and check for weeds. Use gloves to protect your hands and remove any traces of the root of a weed.

Plant Things near The Edge of Your Backyard

If your backyard shares space with a sidewalk, water could run down the sidewalk and into the neighbor’s yard – that means wasted water. To keep the water where it should be, plant things near the edges of your property. You can catch the water and water your plants at the same time.

Invest In Ornaments

You can cover up space in your garden using decorations. Invest in a sculpture, bench, or anything that suits your fancy.

Put Certain Plants in Containers

If you want to keep plants that require more water than the others in your yard, place them in containers. This makes the process of controlling where the water goes a painless one.

Provide Shade

When a garden has full exposure to the sun, it may dry up. Keep your foliage cool using shade.

Put in a Porch

Turn part of your space into a place to hold parties and have fun with the people you love.

Use Mulch

Why is mulch a good idea? A 3 to 5 inch layer of mulch can help reduce moisture loss.

You Don’t Need Showy Plants

Some people think they can’t have stylish landscaping without large flowers that demand attention. Stick to small – you will thank yourself later.

Use Plants That Tolerate Dry Conditions

Obviously, the best plants for your backyard are ones that can tolerate desert-like conditions. You need something tough enough to make it through bad times.

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