12 DIY Backyard Landscape & Design Ideas for Chico, California

There is nothing that we love more than going to town helping people come up with landscape design and ideas! It is so much fun for us to conceptualize, design and implement our visions. After decades of working in landscape business, we have found that a lot of our clients also like to help out in the design part of our business. We came up with some of our favorite DIY backyard landscape design and ideas that can spruce up anyones backyard!

1. Coat planters with glow-in-the-dark paint for instant night lighting.

Glow in the dark planters are great all year long, especially if you’re an entertainer. All you need are planters and glow in the dark paint! If you don’t have any lying around, you can find these simply enough. You’re going to want speciality rust-oleum glow in the dark paint, regular old glow in the dark spray paint might not yield the same results. This is a fun and easy way to add some splash to your backyard. It’s also an easy and affordable way to add some extra light without running power.

2. Pallet Bench/ Bed

Pallets are one of the best building materials when it comes to DIY backyard stuff. They are often given out for free, making it extremely affordable and they’re easy to use. So many fun ideas come out of pallets! Just like this custom bed! With a hammer, some rope and a little padding you can have your outdoor paradise up and running in no time.

3. Use Wine bottles to create candles


Our friends at WhenThePigsFly.com have generously shared their secret (and photo) with this amazing and fun idea! Straight from the fun and creative minds, check out these great directions.

Directions are easy:

1 empty and cleaned wine bottle

1 Tiki Torch wick refill (thick)Tiki Torch citronella lamp oi

l 3/8″ diameter metal washer (or adjust washer size if bottle opening is larger/smaller)

Decorative glass rocks or beads of your choice (optional) *small enough to fit in bottle opening

Place the decorative rocks/beads in the bottle. The more you have, the less oil you will need to use and the sturdy your bottle will be. Feed the wick through the opening of the washer, leaving about a 1/4-inch of the wick sticking out of the top.

You want this to be a snug fit! If you have gaps between the washer and the wick it could allow air in, which may cause the bottle to fill up with smoke. Also, make sure the washer is the same as the diameter of the bottle opening (it will just sit on top of the bottle opening).Pour the oil into a bottle, using a funnel, enough to cover half of the wick. Feed the longer side of wick into the bottle. If your wick is thick enough, you don’t have to secure the washer down. Light the top wick and enjoy your new torch outdoors!

Remember to place the bottle in a safe, sturdy area to avoid it from tipping over. Burning citronella indoors is not recommend.

4. Use vases (or clear bottles) as planters

Want to add some pretty and sophistication to your backyard all at the same time? It’s so easy even YOU can do it. Wash out those old bottles and vases, or go find some at your local thrift store, find some flowers, put in some water and tie them up! What are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present.

5. Cool stools made out of logs

Whether you’ve got extra logs hanging around or you can pick some up from a local logger, there’s nothing better than making seats with logs! It adds a custom touch to your backyard and more than that – it adds extra seating at an affordable cost! All you REALLY need to do is buy the materials for the seat cover and attach it to your log. Here’s to hoping you fix your log up a little first. ;)

6. Giant game of scramble + Custom seats & Benches

Create a large size scramble board using whatever materials you might like! The place holders are made out of hammock stands and a rope. Easily make the letters on styrofoam and get the game going! You can even make your own bench seats out of wood or custom ones with old drawers. Not only is this DIY but it’s also up-cycled… how great!

7. Wine box salad garden

It’s time to up-cycle those wine cartons you have sitting around! For those with limited grass space, this is a great way to create a garden that works for you. All you need is a box, a little bit of dirt and some fresh veggies or plants. Let’s get it done.

8. Horseshoe pit

Are you ready for all sorts of fun and shenanigans in your backyard? Then get a horseshoe pit. This one is slightly fancy, but all you really need for a horseshoe pit is a ringer and a pile of sand around it. Trust us, even you can do it. If you want it to look a little prettier though, you might want to give us a call ;)

9. Custom Bike Log

We have plenty of clients that live up in Forest Ranch, Durham, Oroville and Paradise so we know that you have extra logs around. Take an opportunity to make a bike rack for your backyard! It will help keep your home organized and it adds a little bit of fun and creativity.

10. Wood Pallet Garden | Wall

We told you we love pallets! Grab some extra pallets and make a pallet garden or wall. It’s pretty self explanatory, if you need some help, give us a call. ;)

11. Custom Wind Chime

Add a little spice and something nice to your backyard with this design piece! Wind Chimes can be made from anything from spare keys (have you thought of spray painting them and hanging them) to beads to silverware and beyond! Let your creativity shine through when you make one of these. Feel a sense of pride every time you enter your backyard and hear / see it.

12. Custom Skateboard Swing

You’ve heard of custom swings before but have you heard of one that is this cool? A custom skateboard swing! Boys and girls alike love this hit. The most expensive thing is probably the skateboard itself. It’s fun, creative and your kid will be the hit of the neighbor. Best part about this swing is that it can go in the front OR backyard! Excellent. Do you have DIY ideas of your own? Please share them! We’d love to see them.

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