3 Common Landscaping Mistakes

The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. People around the world strive to have full and healthy lawns. However, sometimes these efforts err on the side of excessive. Do you fall under this category?

Overabundance of Lawn Décor

Putting too many decorative items in your yard spells trouble. If you place several plastic frogs in your garden, people won’t see the overall beauty of your landscaping. It’s normal to want to share the things you like with the neighborhood – just use restraint. When you go to the store and see a decoration you like, ask yourself if it fits. Do you really need to have it? If so, why do you feel this way? Interrogating yourself may appear strange, but it’s possible to save time and money in the long run. Avoid sales to save yourself from temptation.


Lack of Research

Another common landscaping mistake involves failing to research plants. Just because a plant looks good doesn’t mean your yard is the best place for it. For example, if you select a plant that needs plenty of direct sunlight, it’s a bad idea to put the plant in a yard with a lot of shade. Some plants do better in certain parts of the country – don’t try to force the plant to grow if your state doesn’t suit it. If you aren’t sure about what to do, ask a gardener for help. Don’t be afraid to get outside opinions. Don’t forget to take local wildlife into account. If you have deer problems, avoid selecting plants that attract them.

Not Looking At the Big Picture

You must select an overall theme for your landscaping. Do you choose plants, furniture, and other items randomly? This may damage your curb appeal and general satisfaction. Take a moment to look out your window. What do you find? Consider what you wish to see as you go through your daily routine. Go outside and plan out where you want to put each item so they look fantastic from every angle. Don’t rush this process – rushing leads to mistakes.

Your landscaping says a lot about you and your home. Give your family something to be proud of and work towards your goal with gusto. It’s never too late to start.

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