Ann P.

I hired Ben a year and a half ago after seeing the beautiful job he did for my cousin in Willows. I totally put my front and back yards in his hands. He took my 1960’s “typical square patio slab” off my backyard porch and built a beautiful pergola over wandering paver walkways. In the corner of my yard, he created a lovely natural flowing mountain-like fountain with maples and beautiful plants. My lawns were reworked into beautiful contours that elongated my yards. My metal shed was replaced with a fabulous wood building that matched my house. There was an additional extension of my yard perfect for a garden and they built two raised planters and I enjoyed my very first garden this last year! We worked together on plants and at one point, because I was nervous about plant selections, Ben said “trust me”…and I’m glad I did. My biggest impression of Ben and his wonderful crew was how they worked in tandem on every single project! They are absolutely professional, caring, informative, and simply terrific guys!! We continue to work together as my yard evolves. Ben is very responsive and easy to work with. Thank you, Blue Oak Landscaping!

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